The cleanest selection and reveal of three cards

This amazing card routine comes straight from Ian Kendall’s stage and close up shows. It is the cleanest way to reveal up to three selected cards.

You explain that you want the spectator to cut to, and remember a card. You close your eyes tight and look away as they do this, and only open your eyes after the packet is returned. The cards are boxed and put away, and then you proceed to reveal the card, detail by detail.

Things to remember:

1 The spectators have a completely free choice of card – no forcing at all.
2 Any number of people can take part (but I recommend three).
3 The routine is instantly repeatable – no reset.
4 It works just as well on stage or close up.

Ian Kendall has written the trick columns for MUM and Genii magazines, and has over thirty years’ teaching experience. In this one hour video he explains everything you need to know to start performing this mind blowing routine.

Note: After a comment, I should point out that this routine is not self working. Like many good effects, it will require some effort on your part.


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