A stunning miracle that goes from silly to STUNNING in the blink of an eye. ANY word they think of is drawn BY YOUR FLIP-BOOK.

Straight out of Scott’s professional repertoire is this reputation-making mind-reading miracle.

Have someone think of ANY word, and as they watch in real-time, you introduce them to your assistant, an animated stick figure. It’s cute, and always gets a chuckle… but the laughter turns to PURE ASTONISHMENT when the stick figure predicts the EXACT WORD your spectator was thinking.

It really can be ANY word. There are no funny delays while you secretly scribble stuff. Scott teaches his clever method of secretly obtaining the information so you can almost immediately start flipping pages.

* No pre-show work
* No swami
* No center tear
* Pad is in full view THE ENTIRE TIME.

This is a pro-caliber trick, one that Scott regularly performs for paying clients. It’s an honor to be able to present it to you today.


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