Welcome to ???The Professional?s Choice??? Part Two.


The material in this book was created for active use and performances in the real

world for real people and real pay. The routines and techniques taught herein are

guaranteed reputation makers and commercial effects utilizing classic and

advanced psychological methods, elegant structures and effective pacing uniquely

their own.


These routines were developed BY ME for my own public and private use in order

to better serve the audiences and special groups I cater to. I include them for you

now in the PC II book knowing that each piece contained herein will work as well

for you as it has for me over all these years.

When I set out to write, explain and expand my personal ???top of the drawer???

routines, effects, showpieces, demonstrations, experiments, signature techniques

and trademark methods I had no idea we?d be looking at over 1,100 pages of fresh

perspectives and carefully selected otherworldly material between all three books

in this PC Trilogy.


The contents are almost ?supernaturally good.?


My intentions with the PC Trilogy from the very beginning were very simple??

??to hold nothing back and to explain everything I do and how I do it in great

detail, provide the best of my best psychological methods, suggestions, hypnotic

techniques, rapport technologies, mental constructs, pacing, structure, timing and

jaw dropping effects??

??and to only include the most current material I use to stay afloat in this world,

provide for a family of 9 (6 are nonhumans) and make a good, comfortable and

oftentimes even lavish living in this day and age.


By performing the material in this book over the last several years I?ve been able to

travel the world, buy a home, pay off multiple vehicles, put my son through private

school, take long vacations to wherever I wish to, meet exceptional people from all

walks of life and do much more than ???just scrape by??? or merely survive.


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