A masterclass on one of the most powerful rubber band secrets ever discovered. Easy to learn, with limitless potential.

Joe Rindfleisch has revolutionized the world of rubber band magic by sharing his brilliant thinking with the magic community. He is once again expanding a core concept of rubber band magic in new and exciting ways. This is TC Concepts by Joe Rindfleisch.

This project features a deep dive by Joe Rindfleisch into the TC Concept. This allows jaw-dropping effects where rubber bands magically transport from hand to hand, bands split into two before rejoining into one, bands vanish and reappear. Joe even teaches you how to transport a rubber band from one hand to another while performing the hand portal effect that has gone viral on social media.

TC Concepts is a master class in rubber band magic. Joe shares his own thoughts, as well as expands on ideas of his peers in the rubberband legerdemain. These effects are easy and require no complicated gimmicks to perform. TC Concepts can be performed with ordinary rubber bands, and are a great addition to your rubber band repertoire. Put a new stretch on an old band with TC Concepts by Joe Rindfleisch.


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