Imagine being able to sense the star sign of a complete stranger.

Star Map gives you this apparent ability without requiring ANY physical props. Best of all, it’s completely impromptu meaning you’ll always have the perfect ice breaker for any occasion.

Many mentalists claim their first effect is to “establish a connection” with their participant. Star Map is perfect for this because a connection really IS being established; both physically and on a deeper, emotional level.

Here’s what happens:

Your spectator holds their hand against yours and you begin a visualisation exercise. Together you imagine the constellations of the night sky orbiting around you. As the stars come into focus, you are able to look your spectator in the eye and tell them exactly what their star sign is.

In theory, propless mentalism is the holy grail of the art. But in reality, the effects often rely on difficult-to-follow instructions with a high risk of failure. Star Map avoids these propless pitfalls; it’s very EASY for your spectator to follow and success is as good as guaranteed.

There are no anagrams, no mathematics and no dual reality; just solid, propless, hard-hitting mentalism.

Get instant access exclusively at The 1914 and begin creating cosmic connections today.


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