Back have added some images you can print to preform the trick easily ..

The printing effects are terribly impressive and leave a burning memory in the mind and heart of the spectator. However, I have never succeeded in integrating a trick of this type into my repertoire because of a major constraint in my eyes: in all the versions I have found, you always need a table to put the cards down. A problem for me, who likes to do magic everywhere and in all conditions! Stamper is my solution. This trick gathers everything I like and that I want to share with you. A few blank cards on both sides are presented, then, thanks to the imagination of a spectator and in his hands, a back will be printed, then a face: a joker. This card will be used as a printing matrix to print the different white cards in several ultra visual ways. The detail that changes everything and that will leave an unforgettable magic memory: the spectators can feel the ink in relief on the cards. At the end, all the cards can be left for examination. This routine ticks all the boxes: it’s easy to do, the reset is quick, everything can be left in the hands of the spectator, it offers many ultra visual effects and of course… There is no need for a table! I took special care in making the cards, both in terms of their quality and printing, as well as in the explanatory video that will allow you to perform the whole routine from A to Z. Highlights: Easy to do, even if you don’t master all the manipulations, a toolbox have been integrated in the explanatory video that teaches you all the manipulations necessary for the routine. Bicycle quality, the gimmicks provided were printed on Bicycle quality paper, known for its longevity and quality. You don’t need a table, Stamper allows you to do vertical magic anywhere, perfect for walkaround and cocktail. The reset is very fast, perfect for table to table. The spectators can feel the 3D ink on the cards, which reinforces the magical impact. Two different endings are possible, with the specially provided cards, which allow you to adapt the routine to your magic.


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