My weekly blog is where I will be posting episodes with videos, tricks, moves, articles, interviews, stories, and other brain droppings. Think of it as your own private Magic Dave Show delivered weekly.

4 Card Trick – à la Jennings

Aunt Mary’s Additional Secret


Better Speller

Chicago 5X4

Chicago Aces

Chicago Cardist Try

Dan Sachoff Interview

Denis Behr Interview

Derek Hughes Interview

Doug Conn Interview

Harapan Ong Interview

Hotter Rod

Knife in the Water

Leipzig & Marlo & Blomberg Would Have Liked This

Paul Gertner Interview

Paul Wilson Interview

Pete Biro’s Rising Cards

Plate Glass Penetration

Ponta the Smith Interview

Ryan Plunkett Interview

The Hypnotist

The Spelling Champ

The Spelling Test

The Twins… & Steve

Triple Coincedence

Variations on Vernon’s Variant

Will the Birds Match

Bob Williams and Louie

David Britland’s Cardopolis

Rehearsal and Practice Strategies

Scotty Matthews & Sampson


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