This course will guide you through important techniques that are the foundation of great
You won’t find esoteric, flashy, knuckle busting moves to impress “the gang” in this course –
there’s plenty of that stuff on YouTube. You WILL find real-world techniques that I’ve relied
on throughout my career as a professional magician. Basic sleights and techniques that are
the building blocks of great effects.
Don’t rush through the lessons, take your time, consider each technique and practice and
drill them thoughtfully and diligently.
For extra inspiration and motivation I’ve added some passages from some of my favorite
magic books at the top of each section.

Access my instructional videos for this ever-expanding course, teaching the fundamentals of sleight-of-hand.

1. Palming

2. Top & Bottom Changes

3. False Lifts and Turnovers

4. False Shuffles

5. False Cuts


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