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Slashed By Scott Alexander


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SLASHED Facts: SLASHED is totally self-contained. You get everything you need in…


SLASHED is totally self-contained. You get everything you need in the kit.
The training DVD covers each aspect of SLASHED in incredible detail.
The effect to the audience is simple and clear. There are only three clearly defined phases but they are all blockbusters!
Skill level is extremely easy. It’s hard to believe a routine this visually stunning could possibly be this easy to do. If you call yourself a magician you can do this routine well.
SLASHED has an instant reset. You do nothing and it’s always ready to go. Set-up time is none, zilch, nada!
The included rope is a full 1/2 “in diameter with a solid core. It keeps its round shape, which insures maximum visibility. (Most” magic rope is 3/8 “and flat.) This special rope makes the routine play for huge audiences.
The rope is extremely high quality cotton rope. Very flexible for ease of handling and a non-reflective white that’s perfect for stage lighting.
SLASHED has been designed for Stage, Stand-up, or Parlor performances …
The gaffs are incredibly well made by hand and invisible to the audience from 7 feet in bright light. A little less light and you can move closer.
The handling keeps the gaff hidden most of the time through a well thought out choreography. It’s extremely diabolical.
During the routine the rope is examined by members of the audience. That’s right you put the gaffs right in their hands and they have absolutely no idea. What a convincer!
Each time the rope is cut the cut is made with a bright yellow box cutter for ultimate visibility and BELIEVABILITY. No doubt in the audience’s mind that the rope has really been cut. But the truth is the rope never gets cut. The illusion is incredible
The box cutter is totally safe. It’s prepared so that it can not cut. In fact, the rope is “cut” with the dull side of the blade!
The props are of the highest quality and will last for many, many performances. Scott has been using the same set of props for over two years and it’s still going strong.
No need to purchase more rope after each performance. In the short run SLASHED will save you a lot of money.
SLASHED is always ready when you need to perform.
The custom produced music is included and is Royalty Free so you never have to pay a dime to an artist for “the rights.” No ASCAP issues where they sue you for a small fortune.
So in a nutshell, “SLASHED” is a workers dream come true. The performers I’ve shown this too all say the same thing “If I could just find more tricks that are this practical, I’d be done!” They ‘ re right. SLASHED is practical, commercial and convincing.
Due to the hand-made nature of the gaff, availability will be on a first come, first serve basis. While every attempt will be made to keep “SLASHED” in stock all backorders will be filled in the order they were received.


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