3 incredibly visual and impossible changes with just 1 gimmick!

Juan Pablo has dedicated decades of his life to uncovering ways to not only change the value of a bill, but the size as well. Now, he has discovered how to combine multiple changes into one gimmick and the result is the incredible Size Does Matter 2.0.

With Size Does Matter 2.0, you can take a regular small Monopoly bill and change it into a full-size one dollar bill. Then, instantly change that into multiple $100s. These changes are incredibly visual. You can even clearly show your audience that you have multiple $100 bills. Then, as if everything was an illusion, you instantly (and visually) transform them back into the original Monopoly bill.

You’ll receive everything you need to make the gimmick, as well as the Monopoly bills. The tutorial offers easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions that will get you practicing and performing right away.

Size Does Matter 2.0 can be adapted to bills of any currency.


You’re also going to receive a tutorial for the all-new, updated version of the original Size Does Matter. This nearly angle-proof version is easy to do and resets in seconds. You can transform real Euro bills (or any currency with different size bills) in front of your spectators eyes and even go backwards through the same cycle. You can also make small fake toys transform into real money.


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