From the mind of FISM Winner Ruben Vilagrand comes a new gimmick that allows you to perform arguably one of the best “long salt pours” ever created.

The ingenious “Salted 2.0” gimmick combines four different principles to allow you to vanish the salt, show both hands empty and then continue to produce salt for more than a minute. Ruben has been performing his groundbreaking “Salted Act” for more than a decade, and now he’s ready to share the secrets with you.

In addition to the Vernet gimmick, you’ll also receive a comprehensive video featuring full performances, explanations and even bonus ideas that include a routine from Inaki Zabaletta that allows you to perform in a t-shirt (no jacket required) and a steal from Javi Benitez that will fool you even if after you learn the secret.


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