A series of 8 eye-popping tricks with rubber bands from the world’s master of bands

Eight AWESOME effects with one deceptive and simple utility move.

So much is possible with so little. Just one easy move and you can do a large variety of effects.

Crazy Capture:Imagine placing a rubber band on your hand with a closed fist, tapping the rubber band with your thumb and index finger and in less than a second it escapes from your closed fist and is now on the two fingers of your other hand.

-Tap Trap: Mentalism with rubber bands? A spectator chooses any rubber band from many different colored rubber bands that are on your wrist. The rubber band they choose visually links onto a band of a different color.

– Push Up/Push Through: Cause a single rubber band to penetrate your closed fist. Once through the top of your hand and once through the bottom.

– Bang: A rubber band is wrapped around your hand, you make an imaginary gun with your other hand and pull the imaginary trigger. The rubber band that was previously wrapped around your hand is now on the barrel of the imaginary gun. You better get a permit for this trick.


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