With REVOLVER Gregory Wilson does what he does best: he takes powerful, proven plots and incorporates them into a polished performance piece. If you’ve ever searched for an Inversion routine or a Triumph routine, this has both! But it also has so much more. It has a logical beginning, middle, and end, and each phase sets you up for the next.

No table is ever used, and it plays for larger groups as well as one-on-one. At Vanishing Inc. our downloads have been primarily concerned with cutting edge, never-before-seen moves (of which there is one here), but with REVOLVER you’re getting a ready-to-use card effect that will become a mainstay in your professional repertoire.

  • Uses no table, perfect for strolling
  • Has FIVE phases – use one, two, or all five phases; it’s up to you.
  • Is visually arresting, with the entire deck changing orientation three different times

Running time: 22 minutes, 27 seconds.


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