After almost 2 decades of submissions to Ellusionist, it’s not often we’re fooled… but Quicksilver floored the entire team. We all thought it was a camera trick.


The brainchild of Mario Tarasini, a little-known creator from the small country of Lithuania, Quicksilver is one of the most intricate card gimmicks we’ve ever seen.


Do things like:

? Speed vanish a playing card.

? Transpose a selection.

? Teleport a card anywhere.


& much much more.


The best part is, Quick Silver does 100% of the work for you, all you need to do is open the package and start performing.


Hand-crafted by Gimmick-smiths off the bourbon trail in Kentucky, United States, it’s simplicity and durability means it fires on command… every time.


This is the type of magic plastered on the walls of social media, used to collect likes and grow audiences. Quicksilver is pure eye candy, and unlike some social media tricks this is not the product of some clever editing.



Once triggered, you’ll see the gimmick is so fast, you’ll fool yourself.


Get your handmade Quicksilver card TODAY.


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