Alakazam are delighted to announce the release of Quadruple Prediction by John Carey. A hands off 4 way prediction with not a sleight in sight! Regular deck, subtle, practical and fooling. In effect the faces of the deck are displayed and then your participant shuffles the deck not once, but twice. The subject of the great hands of Poker are discussed and your participant names the Aces. You remove 4 business cards and make individual predictions which are set in a row on the table. The spectator then picks up the deck they shuffled and one at a time removes an Ace and places each in front of each of your predictions. Yes it’s that clean. Each of your predictions are turned over to reveal a 100% success!

If you want a real magician and laymen hands off fooler, I humbly suggest Quadruple Prediction will be a great addition to your working repertoire.

The routine comes supplied as a very detailed photo illustrated Ebook that also contains bonus ideas you can apply that will inspire you to create your own routines!


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