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Now you can make your own gimmicks! This download comes with a printable PDF file so you can print your very own Four Outs gimmick off your computer and make them say whatever you want. OR, you can use the photoshop file included to have your Four Outs gimmick say whatever you want so it comes out of the printer saying your outs!

The Four Outs gimmick allows the performer to fairly display a folded up piece of paper and then effortlessly unfold it to reveal any one of four different outs. From the moment you print the file, it will take you less than four minutes to glue and fold your very own unit.

Included with this instant download is also a 45 minute instructional video showing you how to print and build your own gimmicks and how to handle them. Also, I take you step by step through how to edit the file on Photoshop. And finally, the instructional video ends with tons of ideas to get your creative juices flowing for what you can use your gimmicks for!

Great for Zoom shows as the small paper can fill the entire screen.

Unlimited possibilities! Order this instant download today!


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