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PRESTIGE by Hide Project

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“It’s clever, it’s has so many possibilities! I can’t wait to start…


“It’s clever, it’s has so many possibilities! I can’t wait to start using it in my show”. – Kevin James

We are happy to offer you PRESTIGE from Hide Project. This amazing effect is the perfect opener or to be performed at any point during your act.

PRESTIGE is totally customisable and although it comes with ideas you can write whatever you want on the cards. Just watch the trailer and your mind will be buzzing with routines and ideas!

Just one example:

You ask a spectator to choose their future for the next year; you are showing 5 boards with five numbers on it. The spectator freely chooses any number from one to five. You show to the audience that spectator’s choice was the word “luck”, but under all the other numbers it says… CORONA.

If you want, you can then show that all other numbers are now gone from the boards!

You can either use the supplied plastic holders (that give you an additional effect with the numbers) or any other holder or simple lean the cards against some wine glasses on the table.

The main advantage of this gimmick is, that you can activate it whenever you want and it is absolutely invisible for spectators. It’s “locked” until you’ve unlocked it!

Everything comes in a nice custom made velvet protection bag to keep it safe.

Important points:
– There is absolutely no force required to perform this effect!
– The plastic bags are really durable and will last you for a long time.
– You can write whatever you want on the boards, but only one time – it is not removable.
– In the tutorial you get 7 possible routines, so you can choose your favorite one.