Welcome to Perspective: The Second Version.

In 2021, Julio Montoro released Perspective. It instantly became a bestseller, with hundreds of units sold out in just a few days. The internet cracked with clips of magicians performing it in their social media.

Today, in 2021, we introduce the second version of this modern classic: Perspective 2.0.

With this second version, you will change the perspective of a ripped monopoly bill not only once, but twice.

Many people in the original perspective asked us to produce a version where you could really tear the paper in two parts. With this one, now you can.

What are you going to get?

  • Tutorial video of Perspective 2.0
  • Tutorial video of the original Perspective
  • 20 ready to go specially designed bills.
  • Unlimited PDF file to download as many bills as you want, so you will never have to buy refills.

Welcome to the best Perspective version to date: Perspective 2.0


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