The most shockingly visual rubber band trick we’ve ever seen. Put a rubber band in your eye and pull it out your nose.

“It is so shockingly visual that you will never forget it.
Dr. Cyril has dominated Social Media with this effect ‘Parasite’!
Highly recommended.” – Jeki Yoo

“Parasite is a shocking blend of visual eye candy, and disturbing geek magic. I can’t look away, and neither will your audience!” – Josh Burch

A few months ago, Dr. Cyril Thomas shared his most controversial experiment on social medias. A rubberband is inserted into his eye, freely slides inside his nasolacrimal duct and is extracted from his nose. This illusion was so powerful that Tiktok first censored it. Then, it became one of the most viral magic trick ever created (13.3 million views in a few days).

In this amazing project, the Dr. will teach you in depth how to perform in real life this shocking effect and other unpublished gems (rubberband from nose, cheek or neck to mouth, from nose to ear, …).

The best part of it? The method is super easy to learn, it is impromptu and no gimmicks are involved! You only need rubberbands and a nose (or a mouth if you are Lord Voldemort).

These effects are perfect for real life performances and also for social medias.

Become viral with Parasite!

Note : You must be 18 or over to perform this trick


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