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A test-conditions teleportation of a SIGNED card from the deck to NESTED envelopes THEY are holding. No sleight-of-hand. Show envelope front and back.

A miracle that will fool even your smartest spectators. A freely chosen, signed card teleports from the deck, to a set of nested envelopes they’ve been holding on to the whole time.


1. You give your spectator 2 nested envelopes: a black envelope, inside of which is a smaller white envelope. They are both genuinely empty. The outer envelope even has a window so everyone can see them both the whole time. Your spectator holds onto these from this point on.

2. The spectator freely chooses any card, and signs it. The signed card is lost back in the deck.

3. With hands CLEARLY empty, you take out the white envelope, and while clearly showing it front and back, open it to show now ONE card is inside — their freely chosen card with their signature on it.

A signed card from inside, not one, but TWO empty envelopes that the spectator is holding. Gone is an unforgettable effect with an innovative NEW method.

No force, any signed card
No palming
Reset instantly



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