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If time is money, then memory is the bank and Harry Lorayne will show you how to make every minute count, dramatically increasing performance, productivity, and profits.
– Enhance your powers of concentration and observation.
– Double or even triple your daily work output, eliminate careless errors, quickly skim and retain business reports, news articles, and technical data.
– Breeze through exams, improve your grades and classroom performance, reduce your homework time, and increase your free time.
– Give speeches without notes and without anxiety, learn foreign languages ??more easily, excel at poker, bridge, and other games.
– Heighten your mental agility, learning power, and conversational skills.
– Discover the newfound authority, confidence, and pleasure that come from a quick, sharp, active mind.

Whatever your lifestyle or walk of life, begin your countdown to success today, and put a world of knowledge and know-how at your fingertip …


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