This trick is so good, we can tell you half of the secret and you still won’t know how to do it. Ready? The “borrowed” deck isn’t really borrowed. Ok, good luck!

Dani DaOrtiz is back, and this time, you don’t have a choice because this project is all about card forces! There’s no one who makes a card selection feel more honest and fair than Dani DaOrtiz. In this year-long project Dani will share with you his favorite methods, principles, and techniques to get your audience to take exactly the card you want.

The What
The magician’s deck of cards is handed out in packets to multiple spectators who thoroughly shuffle the deck. While this happens, another spectator is asked to think of any number between one and fifty-two. The deck is gathered together and handed to the spectator thinking of a number; they count to the position of the number they are thinking of and remember that card. A second deck is borrowed from a spectator and shuffled. A spectator takes this borrowed deck under the table, and any card they want is turned face up and lost back in the deck. Both decks are cut. The first spectator names their card, and the magician’s deck is meticulously counted through and discovered only to have 51 cards. The borrowed deck is spread, and the only face-up card in the deck is the named card. Even more impossibly, it is discovered that the card is missing from the magician’s deck.

The How
As soon as you have finished with the performance Dani immediately teaches you the effect. You’ll learn this unbelievable routine, how to do it, and the major details that make this effect so powerful. This is a great refresher for anyone who has already seen the video and perfect for first-time viewers to jump in and start practicing. Here is where you are introduced to the How & Why force. A diabolical little way to force a position.

The Why
This is where the real education begins. Dani delivers a complete explanation of the moves, the trick, and the philosophy behind it all. This is a detailed breakdown, including his work on The Numerical Force, The How & Why Force, The Gag Force, and The Reverse Card In The Fan Force. When combined, these form the backbone of the effect Only 51, and they are shockingly easy to do. Dani is giving you the ability to force a card from an apparently shuffled deck and then control the position of a card in another deck after you sneak it in. This is a seriously powerful effect that will fool magicians and destroy lay people.

The Force Project is a year-long course in learning to make your spectators believe their selections are fair even though you have total control. Dive into the second lesson and an amazing trick that has a thought of card vanishing from one deck and appearing in another. Welcome to The Force Project with Dani DaOrtiz.


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