We tried to make not just a ‘Gimmick’, like a piece of art, then we started a project to share with many people, finally we made a parlor magic trick.

[N E R D] is perfect for those of you who aim to perform visual magic on social media such as Instagram and YouTube.

Not only that, this will also serve you well when you will be performing in a parlor environment with real audiences after COVID-19 era.

So we have added visual parts that we have been unsatisfied about the Parlor magic.

And [N E R D] includes the production video and script to make it easier to direct.

We hope you can create a new act with Smooth Production Co. ‘s [N E R D]. ”

– 360° angle. (Anywhere).

– Any Card. (Audience chooses and signs any card).

– Modern and visual phenomena suitable for SNS & Zoom.

– Complete Parlor Routine for 5-6 minutes and various routines are included.

– Perfect opening to create a powerful impression.

– Audience can be checked after a magic demonstration. (You can gift sock to the audience.)


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