A one-of-a-kind download from the official resident magician at the Magic Castle and bar magic master Mike Pisciotta.

Few magicians have a chance to perform as regularly as Mike Pisciotta. Performing multiple shows a night at the famous Magic Caste, on top of being one of the most sought after performers in Los Angeles, Mike has honed a fifteen-minute act to perfection. Polished through thousands of thoughtful performances, Mike is known for creating presentations that are tight, lean, and offer meaningful impact outside the realm of a simple magic trick.

We are so thrilled to welcome Mike Pisciotta to share some of his most prized routines and insights as part of a special Vanishing Inc. Masterclass download.

With the “Mike Pisciotta Masterclass”, you’ll get two full-length lectures covering a wide range of close up magic from card magic to coin magic and more. Given that Mike is a true worker, this is polished commercial material that is ready to be put directly into your set. The whole Masterclass is rounded out with a special bonus recording of a Zoom Q&A session where Mike answered questions from Vanishing Inc. Monthly members about the most important details of the lectures.

Download 1

  • Breather Crimp
    • Placing the crimp
    • Cutting to it
  • Everyone’s Maverick
  • Biddle Trick
  • Thoughts on Forcing / Switching Gears
  • Into the Dead Zone
  • Merlin’s Aces

Download 2

  • Thoughts on Coins
    • Edge Grip
    • Throw switch
    • Copper/silver
  • Thoughts on The Memorized Deck
    • Jazzing
  • The Birthday Book
  • Storytelling in Magic
  • Zen Master

Bonus Download: Exclusive Q&A


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