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Kainoa Harbottle – Masterclass Live (1-2-3)


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This massive 5-hour download is an expert class in professional quality coin magic for…

This massive 5-hour download is an expert class in professional quality coin magic for all skill levels from one of the best coin magicians in the world. There is something for everyone from experienced coin workers to those who have never learned a coin trick in their lives.

Hawaii’s Kainoa Harbottle is regarded as one of the world’s finest coin magicians, and what we like best about him is that he’s the “complete” coin magician. That is, his skill is world-class, and he does all sorts of unusual, beautiful moves with grace and precision. But Kainoa is also wildly clever, and he has created a mountain of tremendous routines that have revolutionized the world of coin magic.

Most importantly though, Kainoa is a relaxed, funny performer that understands the value of intriguing and captivating presentations that are far too often lost in many coin magic routines. As such, he is the perfect Vanishing Inc. Masterclass instructor and created an impressive download filled with a variety of new routines and beloved classics, as well as important magic theory, that you’ll study for years to come.

The “Kainoa Harbottle Masterclass” features two complete lectures and an exclusive bonus download.

Session 1: Presence and Absence
At its most basic level, card magic revolves around a combination of detailed information. The colors, suits, and values of playing cards are bits of data that the magician controls. With coin magic though, the most basic idea centers around objects appearing and disappearing—the idea of presence and absence. In this magic download, Kainoa discusses the essential essential aspect of these shiny magic props.

This session features multiple techniques and routines for making coins appear and disappear in impossible and entertaining ways. After showcasing some simple vanishes with individual coins, Kainoa dives into the hows and whys of manipulating multiple coins to bring them in and out of existence. This realm of “stack work” can be daunting, but is also extremely rewarding.

Session 2: Hatching a Plot
Many magicians forget that a coin vanish in isolation is not really “magic”. It is a technique by which we create magical effects. There are multiple narratives that magicians have latched on to with coins, and this session takes a critical eye to some of the “standards” that seasoned professional magicians have found useful in commercial settings. From Coins Across to Coins Through the Table, Kainoa investigates how the real work of presentation unfolds alongside the methods, how narratives drive performances, and how sometimes less is more.

Bonus Download
This bonus question & answer session was recorded live with Kainoa and members of the Vanishing Inc. Monthly program. During it, he examines how to be creative with your wizardry, no matter what props you prefer to use. Using various examples from coin magic, Kainoa explores his own methods of developing and honing material ranging from single effects to complete professional acts.

This special bonus download was designed to help magicians become comfortable with creativity by understanding that it is not so much a contiguous process but an example of punctuated equilibrium, where the fits and starts of the hands, and the leaps and bounds of the mind, can ultimately be molded into the illusion of a coherent whole.


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