From the deck to your wallet like a bolt of lightning…It’s really that fast.

Tried and tested over his professional career and captured first hand for you to learn, this is another commercial miracle from the mind of Nathan Kranzo.

Lightning Card To Wallet allows you to get ANY signed card from the deck to your wallet, without EVER going near it.

Easy, direct, and impossible.

Great magic can be summed up in a single sentence:

“The card changed in my hand.”

“The coin went through the glass.”

“My signed card appeared inside his wallet.”

Kranzo is known for his practical methods, so you can trust that this method is simple, versatile and foolproof.

We’re providing a wallet with EVERY order but Lightning Card To Wallet’s method can be adapted to your own wallet easily. Turning it from a boring money holder into a reputation maker.

– Easy to learn and perform.
– Card can be signed. No dupes.
– Use your own wallet.
– Open to multiple presentations / possibilities.
– Ends clean. Let them inspect the card and wallet.

They’ll be gone in a flash, gets yours while you can.


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