Gustavo Raley presents “Let’s Go”, a fun and original superhero and LEGO-themed effect that’s great for any children’s magic or parlor magic show. It can even work over Zoom.

A LEGO-style figure missing its head is introduced. The spectator is then invited to choose between different Superhero heads for this LEGO figure. The head they choose is placed on the body and the magician proves that they knew which would be chosen by turning the entire character around to show the back matches the superhero.

Then, the character is turned around again for you to do the suprising kicker ending. Like a true superhero, the character’s boring plain clothes “explode” off their body to reveal they’re wearing a special superhero suit completing the full character.

Each set comes with all the materials and a base to hold the character. The online tutorial will teach you everything you need to start performing right away.

“Let’s Go” is super easy to perform and will delight all audiences.


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