“Benjamin Earl is one of the best cardmen around today. Less is More, is a bona fide winner! It gets my highest recommendation.”Steve Forte

“Ben has cleared a path for all of us to follow.”David Williamson

When Benjamin Earl takes a shuffled deck and cuts to the four Aces it feels completely authentic; as if his deft fingers can somehow locate them by touch alone. But here’s a secret: he has developed techniques and psychologies that fake this seemingly-impossible feat. In Less is More he takes us on a journey, and his “Real Ace Cutting” is the final destination.

The journey starts by looking at Henry Christ’s classic “Fabulous Four Ace” routine and improving it one piece at a time. His noble list of goals for the routine include removing anti-climatic moments and ensuring that the revelations build in progressively stronger and more distinctive ways. He achieves this in spades.

That routine is the springboard for further experimentation and Ben’s analysis of the four-Ace effect leads him along many interesting paths, stripping away every unnecessary action in order to illustrate how less is more. He teaches twelve complete Ace cutting effects and gambling demonstrations (including a multi-phased routine that requires absolutely no sleight of hand) and provides thorough and thoughtful analysis on their construction.

Amongst the effects, Ben also teaches a collection of original moves and techniques, focusing on three areas: maintaining a stack while a spectator shuffles the deck, maintaining the stack himself and producing the Aces. In particular, the Sting Cut and his Real Optical False Shuffle are two moves that introduce the idea of improvisation into the mix.

Less is More is a gorgeous 142-page hardback book, bursting with high-quality photographs. It’s as much a book on the theory and construction of card magic, as it is a tome of workable effects and world class card technique. Careful study of this work will enhance your card magic to new levels.

For the collectors, we have produced 200 deluxe editions that include a signed and numbered bookplate by the author, along with a tipped-in signed playing card, all housed in a gorgeous leatherette slipcase. These limited editions will never be reprinted. Choose which version when you add to cart.

“I think this is absolutely terrific. I loved reading it. I loved watching it. I loved thinking about it. Hell, I’m still thinking about it. I may even start working on doing it.”Jamy Ian Swiss (talking about “Real Ace Cutting” from Less is More)

Contents of Benjamin Earl’s Less is More

  • Evolving with Simplicity
  • Thanks to Henry
  • Henry in Isolation
  • Instant Isolation
  • Henry Topped
  • The Sting Cut
  • The Any Card Game Control
  • The Real Optical Shuffle
  • Finessed Frank Thompson Cut
  • The Bounce Cut
  • Spectator Shuffle Holdout
  • Half & Half Control
  • Shuffled Ose Control
  • Deep Slug Control
  • Blinded by the Hand
  • Wide Awake Scream
  • The Back Room Demo
  • Clean Cutter
  • Clean Cutter 2
  • Flow Productions
  • Stem Cell
  • The Resourceful Professional
  • No-Motion Four Aces
  • Real Ace Cutting

142 pages, hardback.


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