This invaluable book tells you all you need to know about launching a career, or just having fun, telling fortunes, as a pseudo psychic. Here’s the fascinating inside story of the shadowy figure who has been called King of the Cold Readers, and the tips and techniques that have made him a legend.

Learn how to:
-Tell Anyone’s past, present, and future with amazing accuracy, even if you have never met before
-Identify A person’s hidden or unstated problem or worry
-Remember What you told a client about her birthday, soulmate, aura, lucky number, and life expenctancy, even years before
-Identify A person’s Zodiac sign, during the course of a psychic reading, without asking questions
-read accurately for persons who are gay, divorced, or widowed, without being told their status.

The Formula Reading
More Useful Generalities
Beware of Too Many Predictions
The Scam
The Telltale Client
Tools: Psychic Crutches
Avoid These Pitfalls
ABC’s of Cold Reading
Props and Environment
Check that Check
The Social Security Number
What’s Your Sign
How Long Will I Live?
Reading for Gays
Baubles and Gemstones
Food for Thought
Gently, Gently

“The undisputed master …”
Tony Andruzzi

Rare and Out of Print


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