Dani DaOrtiz and Juan Tamariz come together once again, to create a novel work with exclusive and very interesting content for all lovers of magic.

Even in the midst of a pandemic, Juan and Dani have decided to create something original for the community. They are very excited to share their thoughts and this material. Please bear in mind that although the pandemic has affected some of the moments in the recording such as Juan Tamariz wearing a mask, filming in the home of each of the artists, and of course without a large technical team. However, it is still HD quality with multi camera angles.

Based on his Juan Tamariz’s iconic magic book “Five Points in Magic”, this session explores how to properly connect and communicate with your audience. It’s a remarkably practical discussion filled with real-life examples of how to effectively use our hands, feet, eyes, body and voice during a magic trick. This is a must-watch for any magician, even those that have previously read the book.


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