(100% cards! — 98% impromptu!! — 94% jaw droppers!!!)
Harry Lorayne’s
Jaw Droppers Two
“If I leave a legacy at all, this may well be it! For over 75 years I’ve amazed people (for a living, and to feed my ego!) Now I’ve amazed myself with this (my last?) book. Amazed myself with these amazing effects/routines that will amaze you, too – and then you’ll amaze your audiences with any deck of cards for the rest of your amazing magical life! I’m pleased and amazed! You will be, too.”
Most of the over 80 items in this book are jaw droppers! Friends who exclaimed about JAWDROPPERS! 1 (sold out) – “This has got to be the VERY BEST book of card magic EVER!” – screamed about this book: “My gosh! You did it again, Harry. Amazing!!”

“I’m thrilled and glad I wasn’t dreaming when I heard that JAW DROPPERS TWO is coming!” (Brian Rudolph)

“Is a Harry Lorayne book worth twice its price? NO – it’s worth MANY TIMES its price! His Utility Mixer is a lifetime ‘dream’ item!! His S/H/F Killer effect alone (among others) is worth MANY times the price. Wow!” (P. Simmons)

“Always first class material, expertly written, expertly taught – one of the most influential magician/writer in history. Every Harry Lorayne book is filled to the brim with very strong commercial card magic!” (Magicfish)

251 pages — Hardcover with dust jacket


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