A cased deck is placed on the table. You remove your wallet, and also place it on the table. Both are on the table, and they are there in full view before anything happens. You tell the spectators that you removed one card from the deck, and put it in your wallet. A spectator then makes a series of choices bringing her to one card. The spectator herself removes the deck from the case, and deals the cards one at a time to the table. There are only 51 cards. The thought of card is missing. You then open your wallet, and remove a card. It is the thought of card!
This is a “new” method for the classic effect, Premonition by Eddie Joseph, which came out back in the 1950’s. This effect has floored both lay audiences, as well as magicians and mentalists for years.
•Only one deck is used.
•No memorization
•No switches of any kind.
•Perfect for close-up, platform, and even stage.
•There is absolutely no sleight of hand (no palming!)
•No gaffed wallet! Use your own.


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