Balance a borrowed phone on your fingertips with “iLevel Pro”–a reimagining of Mark Elsdon’s classic “iBalance” effect that can work with any smartphone.

“A refreshingly visual moment of astonishment with an object so common it would be hard to find a time when you weren’t able to perform it! Why would you NOT want to buy this? It is surely the biggest no-brainer of the year!”Nicholas Einhorn

“iBalance” was one of the most popular effects in magic when it was first released. Unfortunately though, the method it used became obsolete and the trick faded away…until now.

The brand new “iLevel Pro” gimmick is more invisible than ever and can be used with any smartphone. You can even use it to balance other objects like AirPods or a charging power bank. No magnets or adhesives needed. There’s nothing to find once you hand the phone back.

This new gimmick is more durable then ever. If anything goes wrong, it’s super easy to repair. You even receive extras for repairs.


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