How do you vanish a spectator’s phone? Tim Ellis’ has the PERFECT solution to the problem that has plagued many parlor magicians. A utility prop that provides many comedic opportunities in using a borrowed phone, and a routine that includes a place for the phone to appear (in a nest of boxes, in a gift box, in a bottle, in a sealed can) are all feasible.

But how do you VANISH the phone? THAT is the hard part.

iDrop solves this problem in an hilarious way that is SURE to elicit a memorable response on stage. The effect is simple: you place a spectator’s phone in a protective, see-through mesh bag. While she holds the bag, the cell phone FALLS through an apparent hole in the bag, and smashes to pieces when it hits the ground. Of course, her actual phone is safe and hidden in a secret compartment in the bag. When you ditch this prop, you can use the opportunity to load the phone wherever and however you like.

iDrop comes with both the ingeniously gaffed bag that switches any borrowed phone for a decoy, and the break-away decoy phone itself. This phone mimics the size, weight and shape of all modern phones, including the iPhone. When it hits the ground, it breaks into what looks like many pieces. Actually, it’s just three pieces that are easily reassembled during reset.

This can be used as a gag–which is hilarious for social media or to prank your friends. But its true value is on stage, where you can momentarily convince an audience that a phone has been utterly destroyed right in front of their eyes…only to make it appear in the most unexpected place, fully restored.

Does iDrop work with any phone?
Yes. You are supplied with a gimmicked black colored phone but in the instructions, Tim gives you direction on what to do if the phone looks slightly different.

How long does the gimmicked phone last for?
A long time. And what’s more, the more beat up it gets, the more fun the effect is to perform.

Is there any risk of the real phone getting damaged?
So long as you follow the instructions, no. There is a special safety mechanism in place that keeps their phone safe and sound.

What’s included in the package?
You get: A specially gimmicked security deposit bag, a gimmicked phone, plus an extra “part” that is optional to use.

“From the devious mind of Australian magician Tim Ellis comes iDrop, an effect that will definitely have your spectator’s mouth drops both when they see the effect of gravity on their phone and when they magically get it back intact!”Boris Wild

“One of the funniest tricks in magic for the last century was the Watch Smash. Now, it’s the iDrop. OF COURSE! Why didn’t I think of this? Tim, I hate you and love you for this at the same time!”Jeff Hobson

“Another finely crafted comedy routine from the mind of Tim Ellis. Other than running over a spectator’s phone with a steamroller, what could be more fun?”David Kaplan

“This is a great premise for a phone to impossible location. I can see this easily fitting into anyone’s show.”Mike Hammer

“Tim has created a trick that is destined to become a classic. You know with a cashless society now this will replace “signed bill” to impossible location.”Paul Romhany

“I’ve got a feeling everyone’s going to be doing this!”Dom Chambers

“I first saw this at The Melbourne Magic Festival with killer reactions. A brilliant prop and a fantastic routine.”Nick Nickolaa

“Amazing”Otto Wessley


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