• Hoodwinkings offers several strong mindreading experiments woven together into a seamless, 30-minute parlor act full of humor, interaction and mystery.

    The show begins with an innocent prop adjustment that later becomes part of this act’s surprising finale.  In between, you demonstrate the potential of the mind using a household deck of cards for each experiment.  First, a packet of cards is mixed by a guest…nonetheless, you have predicted its final order.  Next, a guest discovers her own untapped mental abilities when she unerringly locates two selections from a shuffled pack.  Now you share a bit of ‘inside information’ while the audience enjoys a humorous demonstration of body-language.  Finally, the show closes as you accurately predict the random answers to several questions…and each question is twice as challenging as the one before!

    Although each routine would stand easily on it’s own, together they create a powerful show that fits in one pocket.  You supply a deck of cards, three envelopes and three index cards.  No sleight-of-hand is involved.  Nothing is gimmicked.

  • “Mick’s [Act series] is a true masterclass on bringing the audience into your world…and keeping them there as you seamlessly progress from one routine to the next. It is fresh, entertaining, and real…not to mention polished and refined in thousands and thousands of performances. No pipe dreams, no theoretical pieces, it is all real worker material, refined and scripted to a Zen-like perfection.”

                                                                      Tony Iacoviello   MENTALIST / AUTHOR


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