• Predict-Abilities is a fully-scripted 40-minute show packed with mental dramas and parlor wonders.

    First, you make an incredibly detailed prediction that foretells the location of three borrowed objects.  Next, in a curious blend of ‘Open Prediction’ and ‘Card-at-any-Number’, you know in advance when a guest will stop dealing…and the card he will stop on!  Now a guest creates a personal lucky number that is based on events from her private life.  Digit by digit, you reveal her number!  Next, a guest mentally guides you step-by-step to his selected card.  The next demonstration reveals how far-reaching your mental abilities can go…even long-distance!  Finally, your mindreading skills are put to the test when several guests look through the deck and merely think of a card.  The pack is mixed.  The cards are now held up high.  The guests watch as the cards fall one-by-one to the floor until only the selections remain!

    You supply a deck of cards and a 8 x 10 dry-erase board.  No gimmicks.  No sleight-of-hand.

  • “I am thrilled with the Act-series.  These books offer several presentations that by themselves are worth the price of the entire set.  I look forward to including each of them in my own shows.  Money well spent!”

                                                            Richard Webster   AUTHOR / ENTERTAINER


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