Light and shadows come together to present three beautifully artistic reveals. “Glare” by Victor Sanz is a remarkable tribute to the classic Hofzinser Card.

playing card is placed face-down on the table. Three cards are then selected from a deck of cards. Impossibly, you’re then able to perfectly predict all three cards with that singular card you introduced before everything began. Multiple moments of visual magic powered by light and shadows.

Each “Glare” gimmick is expertly handcrafted by Agus Tiju. This high-quality gimmick looks just like a normal card. It comes packed in a sturdy acrylic packaging to keep it protected in your pocket.

  • Self-contained gimmick
  • Super easy to perform
  • Instant reset
  • Any phone or light
  • No magnets, elastics or threads
  • No pieces to lose
  • No table required


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