Alakazam are delighted to have John Carey back with another of his amazing downloads! Game on is a superb and highly fooling effect that’s perfect for both virtual performance as well as in person.

Your participant and you both shuffle decks. A ritual built around the mysterious number 13 is introduced. They cut their deck into three face up packets and the values of each face card are used to count and deal to 13 in your deck as the ritual unfolds. The combined total of your spectators three values is dealt and counted to in your deck and the Jack of Spades is revealed. You then take out your lucky card from your pocket and it matches perfectly. So strong!

But that’s not the end. A perfect Blackjack hand and then a Royal Flush are then produced in super clean manner. But there’s more! Watch the trailer to see the knockout finale!

You will love the thinking and construction here guys. Easy to do but oh so powerful. It’s Game On!!!


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