A collection of finely-orchestrated effects using one main instrument…a deck of cards

“As a musician and magician, I see the correlation every day between a great song and a great magic effect. Both have the power to evoke emotion, transport the audience to another place or time, and create extraordinary moments. G NOTES is a collection of finely-orchestrated effects using one main instrument…a deck of cards. G NOTES is divided into three sections: The Card Suite offers five effects that work well as a set; The Key of A offers three distinct Ace effects; and the Encore offers a variety of effects centered around two principles/moves. So go tune your deck of cards and enjoy!” – John Guastaferro

“I was really amazed on how good the material on this book is. The effects are just connected to one another that it gives you a whole show to perform. Great job! I’m looking forward to reading more books from you.” – Jordan Pampliega

“Excellent book. Lots of fine routines and different routines; From think of a card to the homing card plot. I had already heard of Guastaferro’s Storm dvds and seen a few of the tricks, and from what I had seen they looked great. SO I guessed it wouldn’t hurt to give this book a try and so I did. Just 15 dollars for this is a bargain for these tricks.” – Louis Wolf Kristansen

Table of Contents


    • Optical Opener
    • In The Doghouse
    • Clairvoyance
    • Homage to Homing
    • Turning The Tables Again
    • Hide & Seek


    • Spellbound Aces
    • Blindsided
    • Vino Aces


    • Balducci Swap Principle & applications
  • Trans-Pocket Switch & applications


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