A jaw-dropping illusion that gets screams. Push a fork through your finger. TWICE. Reputation maker is an understatement. START LEARNING INSTANTLY.

“Axels handling is shocking great! FTF is an experience that goes literally through all the bones!” – Tobias Dostal

“FTF by Axel Hecklau takes my effect Pen Through Finger to a whole new level! Not only does it get my consent but my HIGHEST recommendation! If you think you know Pen Through Finger – think again!” – Matthew Johnson

“If you only want a short explanation of the trick, you should definitely leave it alone. Even if you don’t like the trick as such, you can learn a lot about the approach, the psychology and the thinking behind a trick. When Tobias Dostal and Axel Hecklau talk shop about a trick for 45 minutes, it can only be very interesting. The FTF download is more than just a cool trick: a true expert session.” – Cody Stone

This is a fun-shocker!

The middle finger is covered with a “finger card”. A spectator holds a solid metal fork. You stab the fork through your middle finger, first parallel, then across. The spectator himself can pull the fork through your finger.

Everything can be examined immediately.

• no gimmicks
• no false fingers
• no preparation
• no blood
• can be done impromptu

This routine is a further development of Matthiew Johnson’s “pen through finger” (based on a creation of Peter Kane).

Axel Hecklau explains in this video – download all the details during an intensive conversation with Tobias Dostal.

Learn not only the pure mechanics but also many theoretical considerations and practical tips.

You will receive an approx. 40-minute video download, a PDF file with 8 different designs of the finger card ready prepared for printing in your copy shop (A4 and US-letter format) and the original Photoshop file to create own designs.


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