Blake Vogt is on fire—having worked for David Copperfield, consulted for magicians worldwide, and creating diabolical magic. Our customers responded very positively to hisFuziondownload. We still get lots of great comments about it. Now he’s back with a small but beautiful little color change:Flip Flop Change.

The Flip Flop Change might not fool you—you may even do a version of it already. But we love this download because his handling introduces a small but critical improvement to the way the card changes. And, he does it better than anyone we have ever seen. In this tutorial, Blake teaches you how he does it so well, and how he gets into and out of the change. It’s so pure…to take a playing card in your hand (away from the deck), shake it, and cause it to melt into another card. You’ll learn how with the Flip Flop Change, just $10 and exclusive to Vanishing Inc.


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