Borrow a bill, tear it and restore it. Then immediately hand it back! You never switch the bills! Ingenious method.

“Everything Kyle creates is Gold! Felony is very practical and So well thought out, I Love it!” – Nicholas Lawrence

Kyle Purnell doesn’t just create magic, he develops solutions to problems in pursuit of some of the hardest-hitting magic you can do for a layperson. Imagine having the ability to mend a completely unique object borrowed from your spectator and then give it back to them for a thorough examination. That’s Felony by Kyle Purnell.

Here’s what happens:

You borrow a dollar from your spectator. If you want the dollar can even be signed. The dollar is folded in half and then torn down the center. Both hands are shown completely empty by the magician. Then with a gentle rub, the magician visually restores the tear in the center of the bill. The bill can be immediately handed back for examination.

Kyle has developed a very simple gimmick that allows you to get an almost perfect tearing illusion with a borrowed bill. In addition to the basic handling you’ll learn how to do this with a signed bill, and even get some ideas on how you can present this with polymer bills if you live in Europe or Australia. The in-depth construction of the actual gimmick is easy to do, with materials every magician has easy access to. You’ll also learn a handling if you want to perform this effect for larger crowds. This is a torn and restored bill gimmick you’ll carry with you all the time to blow away your audiences. This is Felony by Kyle Purnell.


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