n engaging symbol matching prediction effect for both virtual and live shows. Two novel and clever methods provided

Inspired by the high-tech ‘Color Match’ trick, Anthony Lindan has created a powerful, low-tech symbol matching prediction that is ideal for both virtual and live shows.

A spectator makes every decision in mixing and choosing the order in which 5 simple shapes are drawn on a generic stick face.

Amazingly the magician’s prediction matches. The magician reveals a selfie photo of his own face with the same symbols drawn in the exact locations determined by the spectator!

Two methods are included.

The first utilizes a self-working Paul Curry concept in a new and exciting manner.

The second uses the amazing properties of the Reverse Faro Shuffle. With a packet of five cards an up jog and strip out Reverse Faro Shuffle is very easy to do.

In both methods, the spectator freely makes every decision which creates an extremely open and fair mixing and ordering procedure.

Key Points:
• Easy to do.
• No sleight of hand required
• No electronics required or used


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