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Everyday Magic Kit By Julio Montoro



When it comes to social media magic and virtual magic shows, visual…

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When it comes to social media magic and virtual magic shows, visual magic is key! Now, thanks to Julio Montoro, you can grab an incredible magic kit designed exclusively to help you produce mind-blowing magic content and gain new followers!

Julio Montoro, who has built a reputation for producing insanely visual magic tricks for TikTok and Instagram, has compiled 6 of his best magic tricks into one special social media magic kit.

The Everyday Magic Kit Includes:

A visual transformation of a McDonald’s Coke cup into a McFlurry that you’ll swear looks like a camera trick.

Share the Candy
A best-seller from Julio Montoro’s lecture, this amazing effect allows you to visually separate a pack of Skittles into two smaller packs that can be shared with your audience.

Flash Money
With just a little shake, you can magically transform a receipt into a bill with this remarkably visual magic trick that doesn’t require any cover or sneaky moves.

Even your daily routine can become magical with this amazing effect where toothpaste instantly appears on your toothbrush.

Cherry Passion
One of the most unique effects in this special magic set, Cherry Passion allows you to change the color of multiple condoms in an fun way.

This visual transformation of the size of a playing card has been one of Julio’s most requested effects since it was first posted to his Instagram.

Since all of the effects in the Everyday Magic Kit were specially designed for social media and video magic, you can see them all in action in the demo video above.

Julio has also worked diligently to ensure all of these effects can be used by close-up magicians and table-hopping magicians in live performance situations.

Each Everyday Magic Kit comes with everything you need to start performing right away!

Take your social media magic and virtual magic to new heights with the Everyday Magic Kit!


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