The spectator writes a piece of personal information on a random playing card which is then shuffled and lost in the deck. The deck is spread towards the spectator and they confirm their card is indeed lost somewhere in the deck, which is then closed and placed face down onto the table.

And yet, you will always be able to peek what was written, in the fairest manner possible.

Thanks to the structure and psychology of this peek you will always be in a position to be able to obtain the information effortlessly, without any out of place moves and with zero heat on the moment.

It literally takes a few seconds and all of the moves look and feel exactly how they would if you were in fact, doing nothing!

There is no rush or pressure to get your peek as you will be doing it right in front of your spectators but thanks to the psychology it will be hidden in plain sight!

This really is as clean and simplified as it sounds.

Any deck, Any time, NO gimmicks!

Utilize a full peek of the playing card to easily obtain names, words, star signs and drawings made by your spectator as well as multiple pieces of information.

Fraser will also teach his justification for a use of a deck of cards in performances of Mentalism.

This is different to what Fraser has released in the past.

It requires a beginner level knowledge of basic sleight of hand.


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