Please note that this is deckless. And that does not mean propless. Two double blank business cards are used in this effect, with something written/printed on them of course, as you will get to know in this manuscript. This ACAAN is notoriously unknown as DAD ACAAN. And this is completely different than the earlier Deckless ACAAN.

3 different participants freely and randomly choose a card value, a number, and a suit. All are fair choices…or so it seems. And you read all 3 minds with a uniquely stunning impact. You can even perform this to a single participant or even in a virtual show or a video call. If you want, you can use a physical deck of cards for visual impact – but it is not needed for the effect to work.

You just need 2 double blank business cards (you can make these cards bigger for virtual shows if you want) and have to write something on them, as explained in this ebook. Once made these cards can be used for performances again and again and should last you many years. Even if they wear and tear, you can simply make up another couple of business cards, that’s it.

  1. This effect is based on a novel principle.
  2. There are no sleights, no preshow, no stooges or instant stooges.
  3. There are no secret writings, no one aheads.
  4. The core principle here can be easily adapted to any other language.
  5. There is no dual reality, no reframes, no psy forces.
  6. No arts n crafts or diy is needed and there is nothing to reset.
  7. There is no tearing or switching and nothing is spoken or written down.
  8. There are no anagrams or any kind of fishing.
  9. The entire routine is self-working and easy to learn and perform.
  10. There is no equivoque or memorization.
  11. There are no apps or electronics or magnets.
  12. There are no stacks or gimmicked cards as there is no deck at all.

1st edition 2022, PDF 14 pages.
word count: 2514 which is equivalent to 10 standard pages of text


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