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Crafted With Carey by John Carey


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John Carey has a great reputation for coming up with practical, well…

John Carey has a great reputation for coming up with practical, well constructed routines, and this hard backed book collects together about 70 effects from John and some of his friends in magic.

Running to almost 200 pages, hard backed and with photo illustrations, this book is a treasure trove of to-the-point card effects, plus a little coin magic included for good measure. There are premium effects chosen from John’s DVDs and earlier booklets, as well as new material and effects from some of John’s friends including Peter Duffie and John Bannon. In fact, in his Foreword to the book, John Bannon said of John Carey’s creations: “I pay attention to his work, follow it, enjoy it, and often find bits of inspired thinking I’ll incorporate in my own work. I’d bet that you’d reach the same conclusion.”


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