An exclusive more than 4.5 hour download that teaches you how to truly build a truly cohesive act instead of a random assortment of magic tricks . Learn directly from the incredibly talented Carisa Hendrix, who you might know better as the amazing Lucy Darling.

Carisa Hendrix has already forged an impressive resumé that continues to grow. In addition to being an award-winning magician, Carisa is a regular at the Magic Castle, has performed on numerous national tours and is also an eight-time Guinness World Record holder, stunt person and fire eater.

Simply put, there is no stage Carisa Hendrix (or Lucy Darling) isn’t comfortable on.

And now, as part of a special Vanishing Inc. Masterclass, Carisa is sharing a wealth of invaluable information on creating truly enjoyable and meaningful close up magic and stage magic acts. It offers a look at very important topics that expand beyond the realm of effect and method to help you improve your overall magic performance.

The “Carisa Hendrix Masterclass” is a one-of-a-kind immersive learning experience offering an insightful and engaging approach to evaluating where you are and where you want to go with your magic performance. . Each of the two full lectures included with your purchase is accompanied by a variety of supplementary materials that help you put these concepts into action. A special bonus video where Carisa dives further into each topic and answers questions from Vanishing Inc. Monthly subscribers is also included.

Lesson 1
A deep dive into how thinking about the world of visual arts can elevate our magic.

Lesson 2
A detailed look at how focusing on your acting and performance allows your audience to enjoy being “in the moment” and not waste time worrying about discovering the method.

Bonus Lesson
Carisa answers questions from magicians about the lecture material. Don’t skip this one. There are some incredible extra bits of information here.


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