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Following on from the best selling Handle with Carey and 24seven DVDs, rsvp are proud to present Carey on. 15 solid, practical and strong pieces of commercial card magic with a regular deck of cards. John’s trademark stripped down style is once again highlighted in this collection. No pipe dreams, just hard hitting doable card magic.So go and grab a deck of cards and let’s Carey on!!!

1. Ambitious all the way – John’s beautiful 4 phase ambitious card with an unexpected finale!

2. Packet stroller – A no nonsense piece of card magic using just a few cards and packed with strong magical moments and a memorable climax!

3. Illogical invisible countdown – One of John’s favorite approaches to card at a number. So simple, but so strong.

4. Kollossal Sillier! – Mentalism combined with sleight of hand produces a very strong unexpected prediction effect.

5. Opening Salvo – A four of a kind production inspired by Richard Sanders. Minimum work, maximum impact.

6. You have the power!!! – A delightful presentation piece which makes the spectator the star.

7. Classical ambitions – John’s tribute to Larry Jennings.

8. Summer of 76 – A powerful sandwich effect inspired by Alan Ackerman.

9. A trick with no name! – Just watch it!!!

10. The Beer glass effect – Another approach to the classic card at a number effect using the Carey approach of minimum work- maximum impact.

11. Bullet snatcher – A short n sweet transformation effect using a great John Bannon idea.

12. Whisper it softly – John’s streamlined approach to a Jerry Sadowitz classic.

13. Going for a subway – An action packed approach to the sandwich plot.

14. A little game of true or false – if you like the lie detector plot you will use this.

15. 3 and easy – a hands off divination and discovery of 3 selections using a wonderful Chad Long ruse. Read their tells and their minds!!!

FULL TOOLBOX SECTION: The Tommy Tucker pass 2 Frank Thompson false cuts Hindu bottom control Erdnase colour change- Hofzinzer/ Fechter force Hofzinzer spread cull The optical false shuffle.

Running Time Approximately: 2hr 30min


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