A reputation-making masterpiece. A working professional’s dream that is easy enough for a beginner. No palming!

“Joel continues to amaze with his streamlined solutions to both magic and mentalism plots. Bound is no different and is sure to delight you just as much as your audience!” – Michael Murray

“Bound ticks all the boxes. It’s fun to perform, is brilliantly layered and hits hard. This is a no brainer!” – David Jonathan

“Bound had me completely fooled. Joel does it again! You will love performing this and for something that sits in your pocket it really really plays big and packs a serious punch.” – Dave Loosely

“How do you follow signed card to pocket? With an absolutely impossible “Signed Card From Pocket”, that’s how! Better yet it’s so dam easy you can focus everything on the presentation, my kind of worker for sure.” – Matthew Cope

“Joel always finds practical methods for unbelievable effects and Bound is no exception. A real worker that should be in everyones repertoire both close up and stage!” – Jack Rhodes

If you only have time to do ONE card trick at your tables, BOUND should be a top contender for that spot.

All you need is an unprepared deck and some rubber bands around your wrist – Staple items for the close up magician.

With the tiniest bit of set up (it literally takes seconds as they’re reacting to your last trick, or joke) you will be ready to perform an incredible, hard-hitting piece of pasteboard wizardry!

Here’s the effect:
A card is selected and signed, it is cleanly lost in the deck, which goes into it’s box. The box goes into your pocket. Like a master pickpocket, you can reach in and steal JUST their card, from the middle of the deck.

Here’s where it gets exciting, you lose the card in the deck again and box it once more, but this time, you create an Alcatraz-esque prison for the deck with rubber bands, making the signed card’s escape IMPOSSIBLE.

It’s impossible to open the box, let alone find the card… Well, that is without your dextrous digits and the secret knowledge Joel will teach you!

With a nice bit of build up, you thrust your hand into your pocket, emerging triumphant with the signed selection once more. In under two seconds. This second phase FRIED us when we first saw it, the method is so clean and so deceptive that it is completely impossible to catch.

– No palming!
– Stage and close up ideas included!
– Lock the box with other items, like tape or staples!

This trick will work as a final phase to any other signed card routine, but we recommend performing it as a stand-alone piece. The routining and interaction with the audience is a lot of fun and will lead to your tables asking for you to pull a business card out of your pocket so they can book you for their next event!

You’re going to have a LOT of fun with this one – download it now and learn instantly!


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